The Real Humans

We’d like to say it was always the plan to start a company together after college, but the truth is. . . it kind of just happened.  Long story short, we decided not only were we more effective working together, it was a lot more fun.

Michael Bruner

Michael has fun socks. He’s also a semi-active yogi and has a plaid-lined jacket.

Susie Burleson

We are unsure as to whether or not Susie was wearing socks in this photo, but with boots that comfy, who needs ’em?

Robbie Burleson

Robbie looks very suave in this sport coat, and is nailing that stare into the middle distance.

Jonathan Daniel

Jonathan’s go-to pose is the raised eyebrow. He doesn’t actually know how to tie a scarf.

Wait a second. . .

Were we supposed to put our job descriptions there? 

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